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[edit] Joguk(aka Wulgaria)

The Democratic People's Republic of Joguk and the State of Wulgaria has become a bit famous in some things in Liberalia.Forexample as the one with the most name changes as:NSCPWP Chairman,Sayyid Ali Khamenei,and Grand Moffaul Tarkin aka Willhuff Tarkin.His name now is:Askar Akayev He also has been in many fights with Carops,Ardalia and Farlane.He would like that everybody that was here orginally, Leonstein,4H,CS but not JT and NS could be here today to.

[edit] Involving the Government

He has made four parties;The Liberalian Worker's Party,The Songun Party and the Christia Worker's Party thogeter with Haelhan.He has also never been outside the government,serving as:

Minister of Defence-February-March 2006 Secretary of Security-April-May 2006 Secretary of Culture-July-June 2006 Minister of Information-August-October 2006

He has written one bill;the Medal Act.

[edit] History of Joguk-Wulgaria

History of Wulgaria

The modern history of Wulgaria starts in 1500 when the Damsich Empire was at is glory time. Emperor Karl Ziebnich III seized victoey all over the world. But in 1699 a man called Pyotr Vassilich Gabrunovic I came to the city of Granfburg and claimed the Wulgarian trone,Karl Ziebnich IIV got mad and killed him with the Emperor sword. Then later in 1759 the Kyrgyzi Governor Jupter Mulka claimed the crown and this time the people agreed with him.Emperor Karl Ziebnich VII had to resign and fled to Carops. The Kyrgyzi Emperors continued rule until 1918 when the Kyrgyzi Emperor Sapurtamen Alkamney II declered the Kyrgyzi Republic of Wulgaria.He declered himself President and made the historical political party;The Kyrgyzi Fatherland Party.The Kyrgyzi Republic of Wulgaria continued until 1979 when the Tulip revolution was in place.The Wulgarian "Forward" Party,an anti Kyrgyzi party,attacked the People's Hall of the Fatherland.Then Secretary Hirtcz Gulgenstein proclaimed the Wulgarian People's Reopublic,that was a terrible year for Wulgaria.All schools where theaching only wulgarian history and anti-kyrgyzi theachng. General Secretary of the The Kyrgyzi Fatherland Party Kurmanbek Askar Akayev Bakiev,in 1989,walked thogeter with 10 million people including several police men,to the Wulkarya Parlamentaya to proclaim the long awaiting Kyrgyzi Fatherland Republic of Wulgaria.

Photos(mostly of Kurmanbek Askar Akayev Bakiev) :


Above:Kurmanbek Askar Akayev Bakiev


Above:Another picture of Kurmanbek Askar Akayev Bakiev


Above:Kurmanbek Askar Akayev Bakiev thogeter with Head of the Caladarian Communist Party(CCP)


Above:Mr.Bakiev adressing to the Liberalian Parliament


Above:Mr.Bekiev discusing issues with the Ambasador from Abbasia


Above:Mr.Bakiev adressing to the State Council of People's Ministers


Above:Mr.Bakiev and the speaker of Parliament of Liberalia,Cooperative People

History of Joguk

[edit] NSCPWP Chairman

NSCPWP Chairman was Wulgarias name at the first time on the forum,NSCPWP stands for:Nationalistic Socialistic Communist People's Worker's Party.He changed it a month later to Wulgaria.

[edit] Wulgaria

He changed his name to his nation name after a month of be called NSCPWP Chairman,this name he had in one month ca.

[edit] Sayyid Ali Khamenei

When he changed his name from Wulgaria to Sayyid Ali Khamenei it was becouse he got intrested in Iran and used the name of their Supreme Leader.He changed the name in about three months to Grand Moffaul Tarkin.

[edit] Grand Moffaul Tarkin aka Willhuff Tarkin

When he changed his name to Grand Moffaul Tarkin he had begun to be intrested in SW4 thats why he changed it,and he had seen the film the day before the change.He changed the name to the current one: Askar Akayev.

[edit] Askar Akayev

He changed the name to Askar Akayev becouse he had been intrested in Kyrgyzstan.

[edit] Nursultan Nazarbaev

He changed it once again after he became intrested in Kazakstan.

[edit] Alexandr Lukashenko

He channged it once and for all in the begining of 2007 to Alexandr Lukashenko after becoming intrested in Belarus.This is his current name s of 26.06.2007.

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